Welcome to my website. Here you can click yourself throught a view of my recent tunes on soundcloud and get some information about me and my artistic work. If you want to be informed about my latest productions and projects, you may take a look at my blog


Burning Flame will be my first track with me as a singer.  © JMM 2018


Tribble was my first and only band project. Here are two collected  fragments of it. © JMM 2017


Big Flying Object- a little tune with twisted melodies and baselines 2017


Enjoy the Tragedy was the most angry Techno track I made in 2017…


One of my very early pieces. played with some e-drums and a cheap Keyboard, overdubbed with free Audio programs. spring 2016


Another very experimental Chill – Out tune, made with the same simple equipment. 2016


Message from another World is the first real Techno tune I made.
New version: spring 2017
Original version: december 2016


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